Senior Parishioners Dinner

Jesus Saviour parish is a community that is strong in its faith and true to its traditions. It is also blessed with a beautiful church and a balanced budget. Much of this is owed to the hard work, commitment and good example of our members who are now in their "golden years". The Senior Parishioners Dinner is a way for us to express our gratitude for all that they have done. The Senior Parishioners Dinner is normally scheduled around the second Sunday of Advent, so it is enhanced by the yuletide spirit.

The dinner is organized and prepared by parish volunteers (including several who should be on the receiving end of this event!). The parish youth group also participates, working in the kitchen and waiting on tables. The Middletown Knights of Columbus graciously donate their hall and cooking facilities. A team of drivers delivers meals to the homes of those seniors who are unable to attend.

Prior to the meal, Mass is celebrated and the Portuguese choir provides musical accompaniment. The meal is traditionally marinated, stuffed chicken breast and is always excellent. Following the meal, dessert is served and small gift baskets are distributed.

It's a fine time, with old friends enjoying one another's company and "catching up".  We thank our seniors for their contributions and for allowing us to recognize them in this way. 

2006 Senior Parishioners Dinner Photos
2005 Senior Parishioners Dinner Photos
2004 Senior Parishioners Dinner Photos

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