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Stained Glass    
2014 Photos
2014 Things to come
2013 Photos
2013 Jesus Saviour Church Senior Dinner Jesus Saviour Church Apse 1st Annual Ride & Picnic
Communion Breakfast Rosary Sodality Tridum breakfast Penny Social 2013
Battle at the Bazaar 2013 2013 Bazaar Pictures Bazaar 2013 Prep
2013 Malassada Sale 2013 Holy Ghost kick off diner 2013 First Reconciliation
2013 Holy Ghost Feast 2013 PAWSOX 1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  Dominga
2012 Photos
Penny Social 2012
Holy Ghost Confirmation Blessed Mother Procession
Religious Education Third Dominga Paw Sox 8-17-12
2011 Photos
2011 Malassadas
March 7, 2011
Thanks, Gail Paranzino!
First Communion
April 30, 201
Thanks, Matt Gineo!
2011 Bazaar Prep
Thanks Fr. Frank!
A lot of effort went into the preparation of this summer's bazaar, including an overhaul of the "booth infrastructure". These pix capture some of our volunteers, hard at work.
2011 Summer Bazaar
Thanks Fr. Frank, Tom Murphy
2010 Photos
First Reconciliation
March 3, 2010
Living Stations of the Cross
March 28, 2010
2010 Holy Ghost Feast
May 30, 2010
2010 Pawsox Game
July 22, 2010 

Thanks, Fr. Frank!
2010 Summer Bazaar
July 29-31, 2010

Thanks, Fr. Frank!
2010 Penny Social
November 7, 2010

Thanks, Penny!
2010 Senior Citizens' Dinner
December 12, 2010

Thanks, Penny!
2010 Childrens' Christmas Liturgy
December 24, 2010

Thanks, Penny!
2009 Photos
Childrens' Thanksgiving Service
November 25, 2009
PawSox Game
August 5, 2009
2009 Holy Ghost Feast
New slide show format!
2009 Bazaar Workers' Dinner
Pictures courtesy of Fr. Frank
2008 Photos
2008 First Reconciliation Movie Night, March 2008 2008 Feast of the Holy Spirit
2008 Summer Bazaar
Photos courtesy of Father Frank
2008 Thanksgiving Service
Thanks for the pix, Father Frank!
2008 Senior Parishioner Dinner
2008 Children's
Christmas Liturgy
2008 La Salette Shrine Visit   
2007 Photos
 2007 First Reconciliation 2007 Malassadas Preparation (Shrove Tuesday) 2007 New England Youth Conference, Nashua, NH
 2007 Confirmation  2007 Feast of the Holy Spirit 2007 Summer Bazaar
2007 Pawsox Game 2007 Communion Breakfast  2007 Triduum Procession
2007 Stewardship Weekend 2007 Childrens' Thanksgiving Service  
2006 Photos
2006 Youth Congress 2006 Living Stations 2006 First Communion
2006 Feast of the Holy Spirit 2006 Steubenville East 2006 PawSox Game
2006 Summer Bazaar 2006 Thanksgiving Service 2006 Commotion, Woonsocket, RI
2006 Senior Parishioner Dinner    
  2005 Photos  
 Skating Party, January 16, Combined Youth Groups
Kids from Jesus Saviour, St. Barnabas and St. Joseph churches get together for a skate at the Born skating rink in Newport.
2005 New England Youth Gathering
This bi-annual event was in Nashua, NH this year.
 2005 Youth Congress
The 2005 Youth Congress was a huge success and was well attended by the Jesus Saviour youth as well as youth (and youthful chaperones) throughout the diocese of Providence.
2005 Feast of the Holy Spirit 2005 Steubenville East  2005 National Catholic Youth Conference, Atlanta, GA
2005 Rosary Sodality Christmas Dinner 2005 Senior Parishioners Dinner  
  2004 Photos  
2004 Malassadas (Shrove Tuesday)  2004 Youth Search  2004 Commotion
 2004 Senior Parishioners Dinner    

Request for Pictures

If you have a picture that you feel is special and would be of general interest to the rest of the parish community, please submit it for consideration. If you can provide a digitized image (from a digital camera or scanner), please e-mail it as an attachment to the webmaster.  (Please submit JPEG images only!) If you have prints only, we can scan them and return the originals to you. (We cannot handle photo negatives.) Simply put them in an envelope, clearly marked with the words "Jesus Saviour Web Site" and include your printed name, address and phone number. Drop them off at the rectory  and we'll return them to you promptly. Please keep in mind that we are not offering a photo digitizing service! We're simply welcoming you to share a few of your best photos of Jesus Saviour Church events with the parish via this web site. We're especially interested in snapshots that would be appropriate for the "Parish Life" and "Memories" photo albums. Thanks!

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