The Christmas season is traditionally a time for gift-giving, inspired by the three magi who bestowed their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh upon the Christ child. It is a time of good will, of thinking about others.

During the Christmas season each year, our parishioners have an opportunity to extend their generosity, in a special and individual way, to those less fortunate than ourselves. Our Giving Tree committee identifies needy families with children and puts their names on a list. A small tree is erected in the vestibule of the church and is adorned with paper ornaments bearing each child's age and gender. Those who wish to contribute take an ornament, purchase a gift (or gifts) that are appropriate for the child, and return them (unwrapped) with the ornament. Just before Christmas day, the gifts are distributed to these families. To see the look of delight in a child's eyes when beautifully wrapped gifts appear at their homes (where there may have been none before) is a truly heartwarming experience.

Since this tradition was started, the response has been overwhelming. We thank all of our parishioners for their generosity and we encourage them to participate again this coming Christmas.

Please remember to keep "Christ" in Christmas!

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